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Muhammad Amir Interview Video: BKBH Geo Super 2012

Muhammad Amir Interview in Geo Super hit program Bolain Kya Baat Hai on 4th September 2012. Watch Bolain Kya Baat Hai Muhammad Amir latest interview with his new look in Geo Super Program. Muhammad Amir who has been in issue with match/spot fixing case and got jailed in England 1st time appearing in any Pakistani tv channel Geo Super.

Muhammad Amir Interview Video

Part 1

Part 2

Exclusive quotes from Mohammad Amir

“I’m going through a very tough time. Because I’m not playing cricket these days, it hurts to see matches being played.”

“Cricket is everything for me. I gave up my studies for cricket even though I was a good student.”

“I apologised to the nation when I pleaded guilty & I apologise to them again. If I get a chance to play again, I wont let them down”

“I’m a broken man, but my family and friends support is helping me at this difficult time”

“I was the youngest bowler ever to take 6 wickets at Lords. I was extremely happy that day”

“I reached the hotel and after a while, Scotland Yard guys came into my room. I was startled.”

“People kick you when you are down. There are very few people who support you during such difficult times.”

“I met Mazhar Majeed in 2009 when I went for the T20 World Cup. He was an agent of some players.”

“I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to play cricket again.”

“I’ve already got punishment for what I did. I was sent to prison & I’m not playing cricket”

“I know the nation is hurt. Even I’m hurt. I pray to ALLAH to give me just one more chance. I won’t let them down again.”

“I don’t want to point fingers at anyone. I have to put all that has happened in the past behind me & look at the future”

“I was due to sign a very lucrative contract in English county cricket. I reiterate that I never bowled the no ball for money”

“It hurts me that I’m not part of the Pakistan cricket team at the moment. I won’t let anyone down if I’m given another chance”

“I don’t know if I’ll play in 2015 or before that. Considering my age, I can play for 5-10 years if I get a chance again.”

“I want to return to cricket for my fans who are wishing me well and supporting me through this”

“It will take me 20 to 25 days to get myself ready for competitive cricket, once I’m given the go ahead”

“I showed my bank statements, and only after that I got legal aid in England.”

I bought myself a car & a new house after we won the 09 World Cup. I bought them honestly and I refute allegations regarding the purchases”

“I am not aware of any more of Mazhar Majeed’s “friends” still being in the Pakistan cricket team”


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